Arsenal Emirates Stadium

The Emirates Stadium is home to Arsenal Football Club and is the third largest football stadium in the UK holding 60,000 fans. Arsenal FC understand the importance of having a successful commercial operation alongside the running of the football club and now host many other events, including major music concerts, to raise revenues.  

Russell Partnership Collection were appointed in 2012 to facilitate the on-going evolution of the food and beverage offer, undertaking an operating benchmark exercise and develop a strategic plan for the hospitality business for the Emirates Stadium. 

The process included face to face interviews and industry best practice research, evaluating potential scale and scope, identifying trends applicable in 2012 and beyond, developing concepts of operation, creating a financial model to forecast revenue and cost by event and day, utilising this data to calculate venue allocation for front and back of house space and supporting venue design. 

Russell Partnership Collection acted as a facilitator thorough a challenging period between The Emirates and the appointed caterer. Establishing a common goal and building a communication foundation based on honesty and openness allowed a strategic alliance and partnership to be formed to the benefit of both parties and customer as the Emirates stadium. Arsenal has been heralded since as the premium provider of food in the premier league. 

Russell Partnership Collection continues to support the business on contemporary operating structures on an on-going basis.