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Neil has spent his career in the design and planning sector of the catering industry. In his early career he had two years with Bartlett Manufacturing where he spent time in the drawing office, technical department and on the workshop floor understanding the design and manufacture of catering equipment.

The joined the Compass Group in 1973. He progressed through numerous mergers and acquisitions to be a part of the world’s leading food & service provider. During his time with Compass, Neil worked in multiple market sectors including education, healthcare, retail, leisure and more recently business and industry. He successfully managed £40 million worth of design and project management work with a small but extremely efficient design and planning team. Some key clients were Eton College, Roedean School, Tesco, Co-op, Millennium Stadium, Football clubs such as Arsenal, Tottenham & QPR. British Telecom, Jaguar & Vodafone.

He also spent 2 years with Sterling Food Service as a Senior Design Consultant during which he continued to assist the Compass Group on a number of major projects as well as forging a very good working relationship with the Partnership and other major clients such as Sodexo. These projects included London Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham & Manchester Airports, Coca Cola & Aston Martin.

The remainder of Neil’s working career has been spent with Russell Partnership Collection. Neil has assisted on a number of design commissions such as Warwick University, BUPA Healthcare, which involved reviewing some 30 hospital kitchens, as well as some significant projects including The London Olympic Stadium, Event City Manchester, SKY & The Copenhagen Arena.

More recently Neil has led the design of and is still developing a central production kitchen for the Armed Forces and Officers Club in Abu Dhabi which also includes the design development of the Logistics Store, Banquet Hall and Officers Club kitchen. The central production unit alone is required to produce some 100,000 meals per day. This design has developed over the last 18 months from a bare piece of land to a fully designed and costed kitchen which is currently in construction.


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