University of Birmingham

Russell Partnership Collection worked with both the University of Birmingham and the Student Union to build an overarching catering strategy, including modern catering and hospitality services and facilities for staff, students and visitors to the University, ensuring that key stakeholders were engaged and complimentary offerings were delivered to the diverse customer base. The new 800m² facilities with 430 seats, were designed to create a retail style environment that give an excellent student experience and assist in attracting and retaining high calibre staff to the University.  

The drivers behind the engagement of Russell Partnership Collection were high levels of customer complaints regarding the catering services and a substantial annual financial loss.  Russell Partnership Collection have subsequently been requested to sit on the board of the Vice Chancellor’s Review Panel supporting with the internal auditing of performance across auxiliary services, catering, and accommodation. In addition, the team continues to mentor key personnel for Birmingham and have supported in the recruitment of the new Head of Hospitality Services.