We are Therme RPC

Delivering the World’s Most Advanced Wellbeing Focussed Food Experiences


Therme RPC is a global joint venture between Therme Group, global wellbeing leaders, and Russell Partnership Collection.

Therme RPC delivers transformational food and beverage strategies across all Therme Group resorts with the goal of creating a food offer that is nutritious, delicious, sustainable, and accessible to all.

Using high-quality and environmentally friendly ingredients, Therme RPC delivers food offers that are not only delicious but also inform visitors about smart food choices. This educational approach encourages long-term, sustainable, behavioural changes that benefit all aspects of health and wellbeing.

Therme Group’s city-based wellbeing resorts offer the growing populations of cities an urban oasis for mind, body and spirit. Our wellbeing resorts combine hundreds of water-based activities with wellbeing treatments, art, nature and technology for a truly unique guest experience.


Evidence-Based Nutrition

As well as creating unforgettable dining experiences, Therme RPC develops food options that support the health and vitality of the millions of guests that visit Therme resorts every year.

The Therme RPC team embodies a dynamic group of food experts, bringing together registered nutritionists alongside food consultants, strategists and psychologists. The team develops food and beverage options informed by evidence-based nutrition research, national guidelines and bio-individuality, whilst remaining sensitive to culture, food preferences and dietary needs. Significant consideration is also given to how nutrition can extend the wellbeing therapies offered at Therme Group facilities.

This scientific and people-orientated approach to nutrition allows Therme RPC to develop food concepts and menus that are educational and inclusive, true to Therme Group’s vision of ‘wellbeing for all’.


Sustainable Food Innovations

In line with Therme Group’s overarching environmental goals, Therme RPC is committed to ensuring that all food and beverage options are delivered with minimal environmental impact and sourced locally wherever possible.

Therme RPC will develop innovative sustainable technologies within Therme Group resorts, including Therme Manchester. Examples of these include the creation of onsite hydroponic vertical farms, roof-top beehives, traditional artisan bakeries and partnerships with chalk stream fish farms and local producers.

The onsite vertical farms will grow produce both for Therme Group’s restaurants and for the wider local community. Vertical farm technology uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture with no pesticides or herbicides. With a huge emphasis on sustainability across the group, the farms will use advanced systems for energy-efficient environmental control.

Central to each of these innovations is education. Training academies and knowledge centres will also be available at Therme Group resorts, acting as centres for enrichment, engagement and food education.


Wellbeing for all

Our commitment to delivering advanced, wellbeing-focused food experiences aligns with the Therme Group ethos “wellbeing for all.” Our evidence-based nutrition and food service ensures that guests have access to nutritious and delicious food options that support their overall wellbeing. With our team of subject experts, we deliver menus that encourage sustainable behavioural changes in food choices. By minimising environmental impact and promoting local procurement, we ensure our food options are accessible and ecologically friendly. In addition, our focus on education through training academies and knowledge centres empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their health.


Our Resorts

Therme RPC deliver transformational food and beverage strategies across all Therme Group resorts, including Therme Bucharest. Located North of Bucharest, 10 minutes away from the city, Therme Bucuresti is the largest relaxation and entertainment centre in Europe, built with sustainability in mind. Therme Bucharesti is a wellness concept built for a modern lifestyle, dedicated to well-being and designed to help the guests fully detach from busy city life.

Therme Group have three wellbeing destinations planned for development: Therme Manchester, Therme Glasgow and Therme Canada | Ontario Place.

Therme RPC Team

Combing strategic, operational and nutritional skills to deliver the world’s most advanced wellbeing focussed food experiences.

Professor David Russell

Co-founder and CEO

Michelle Harbour

Office Of The Chairman

James Johnson

Head of F&B Design and Operations

Charlotte Harbour

Head of Nutrition

Darren Moore

Head of Food Futures

Robert-John van Exter

Food & Beverage Consultant

Memory Mambo

Design Technician

Michael Sebti

Design Lead

Jessica Kanerva

Registered Nutritional Therapist and Nutritionist (BSc mBANT rCNHC)