Hospitality Management Program

This program is for all new general managers across the hotel group, with all managers attending within their first 90 days on the job. These training session are delivered across the USA by trainers and facilitators from the hotel group, with the goal of working towards earning General Manager Certification as part of the hotel group professional development journey.

Key takeaways from the program include, ​

  • Revenue generation strategies
  • Marketing strategies based on brand, segment and location
  • How to leverage hotel inventory / reservations systems for increased exposure and revenue
  • How to execute the hotel group rewards program to grow repeat guests and guest satisfaction
  • How to successfully manage and drive enhanced online reputation
  • How to achieve operational efficiencies while maintaining quality and brand standards
  • How to cultivate a service-focused culture for increased performance

The HMP program is delivered over five days where participants learn and share industry strategies and best practices. The program is also customised to each participant based on the style of hotel they operate and their own learner profile. Participants complete a wide range of activities, break-out sessions and a hotel simulation exercise designed by Russell Partnership Collection in collaboration with the hotel group.

We have worked very closely with the hotel group training team to create a fully customised version of HOTS, our hotel simulation program. This is delivered in two separate sessions as the participants work through one simulated year of hotel operations. The starting scenario is a hotel with some existing issues which need to be quickly resolved in order to drive success for the property. During the first six months of operations the participants focus on the areas of sustainability, refurbishment, training and guest amenities. Following this in the final six months they focus on marketing and rates / revenue management.

Participants are split into teams and each team manages one hotel within the competitive market. Working in this manner also builds team-working and leadership skills.

This highly successful program is now also delivered by the hotel group in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with further plans to launch soon in Asia Pacific.