Lou Willcock Scholarship with Oxford Cultural Collective

Supported by Russell Partnership Foundation

The Lou Willcock Scholarship has been created to honour the legacy of Lou Willcock (1961 – 2018), a creative force in hospitality, who was a close friend and colleague of many in the OCC community. In addition to achieving great personal success as an entrepreneur, she dedicated herself to supporting others as a mentor and guide. Her relentlessly positive, hopeful and inquiring approach had a life-affirming impact on all who knew her.

Lou was a much-loved friend to many in our team and worked with Russell Partnership Collection for a number of years.

The Oxford Cultural Collective is offering one of the most generous scholarship grants available to UK-based hospitality employees and students.  Winners of the Lou Willcock scholarship will receive a grant of £10,000 to support creative projects of their own design that will enhance their skills and attributes, and ideally have a positive impact on others. Winners will also be provided with a personal mentor for a period of one year.

Applicants are invited to propose a personal or professional development project that reflects their aspirations and passions and that will have a lasting legacy. This might involve overseas travel to engage in a distinctive learning experience; supporting a move to entrepreneurial life; or the launch of a community project that will extend opportunities to others. The OCC Trust places no limits on applicants’ creativity and is looking forward to receiving truly innovative proposals.

Please visit their website and show your support: https://oxfordculturalcollective.com/