Office Support

Loki is our resident Good Boy. Many people mistake him for a Husky or Pomeranian, but he is in fact, a Samoyed. He comes to our Oxfordshire Office every day with his human, Charlotte.

Loki is currently responsible for a few key tasks within Russell Partnership Collection, most notably he is the first point of contact for office visitors, responsible for greeting and announcing them to the building via a howl or woof.

Loki is incredibly friendly, intelligent and sensitive. He will enthusiastically wag his tail every time he sees you and will get terribly upset if you forget to fuss him. He will also provide a paw at any time of day if required.

Loki is key to team welfare, so please do get in touch if you require him to be on a call. He usually pops in anyway.

Professor David Russell

Co-founder and CEO

Michelle Harbour

Office of the CEO

Peter Russell

Chief Technology Officer and Senior Consultant

Darren Moore

Country Director (United Arab Emirates)

James Ellerby

Senior Consultant

Charlotte Harbour

Head Of Nutrition And Nutritional Therapist

Jessica Kanerva

Registered Nutritional Therapist and Nutritionist (BSc mBANT rCNHC)

David Titman

Nutritionist, RNutr

Robert-John van Exter

Food & Beverage Consultant

James Johnson

Head of Design and Operations

Michael Sebti

Senior Design Consultant

Memory Mambo

Senior CAD Technician / BIM Manager

Craig Rattray

Kitchen Design Consultant

Deborah Cordiner

Senior Consultant

Patrick Dukes

Kitchen Design Consultant

Neil Johnson

Non-Executive Director

Cherrelle Wallace

Finance Manager

Heidi Anaya

Head of Education

Gemma Margetson

Head of Business Support

David Barry

Governance Guardian

Sho-Yan Liu

Strategic Business Support

Will Hayes

Business Support Assistant


Office Support