OTA Insight Revenue Management Training

OTA Insight provide hoteliers with a suite of revenue management solutions and data intelligence to drive smarter revenue and distribution decisions. Their key focus is on the power of data and how this can be leveraged to build return on investment. OTA Insight has won many industry awards and grown to become the preferred revenue management solution for over 30,000 independent, local and global chain properties in 140 countries.

Every year OTA Insight organise a team meeting which brings together the majority of their workforce for two days. As part of this session they were very keen to have a workshop element which was interactive, educational and fun.

We were delighted to work with them and deliver a simulation based exercise over a three hour period. The focus for this session was on making the revenue management decisions for virtual hotels within our HOTS simulation program. This session was highly focussed and the core strategic aims for the teams was to drive occupancy, RevPAR and ADR growth. All teams were tasked with making decisions on their rate strategy after having completed analysis of the operating history for their hotels.

All members of the OTA Insight team work with, or associated with, hoteliers, it is therefore essential for them to have a deep understanding of the terminology utilised by the industry and the daily complexities of decision making they have to deal with. The simulation exercise we delivered focussed on these areas and certainly delivered what they were looking for.