Royal Ascot KPI Tool

Russell Partnership Consulting and Russell Partnership Technology have worked with Royal Ascot for many years on the collection on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Over the years we have continued to develop and evolve the way this is delivered and presented.

The Royal Meeting’s spectacular heritage, which is unlike any other, has made the event one that is anticipated and revered the world over. From the arrival of the Royal Procession at 2pm sharp to the communal singing by the Bandstand, with six top-class races between, each of the five days are unforgettable. Royal Ascot welcomes over 300,000 guests over the five race days all of whom enjoy exceptional hospitality across more than 100 bars restaurants and food outlets, along with 225 private boxes.

Our remit for this event was to deliver and execute the system to collect, track and present the performance data and business intelligence for how all of this is operating. This year, we launched our new KPI tool which features a data collection element linked with a near real-time online dashboard. This enabled venue stakeholders to be able to view live operational data from across the racecourse during each race day. This data is presented on live dashboards utilising a variety of metrics and analytical tools.

This tool was created to support the way we collect data at major events, so that it can be easily viewed by venue operators in near real-time. This then allows for trends to be analysed and acted on much quicker and more efficiently.