Saudi Central Bank

Russell Partnership Collection were commissioned by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) to support in building a managed services catering strategy for food, beverage and kitchen facilities within its HQ building in Riyadh, KSA for 2,800 employees.

SAMA installed a new state of the art kitchen and appliances to the staff restaurant. In addition, there will be catering provision for private dining services, executives and high-rank guests catering services, business centre catering services, employees’ self-service pantries and soft catering services (upon request) for meetings and conferences.

Russell Partnership Collection were commissioned to deliver a clear strategy on how to run this facility through a third-party food and beverage operator with the appropriate methodology to deliver, operate, maintain and monitor the quality of the services provided to its employees and visitors including a commercial business model, menu engineering, pricing, and design options including appropriate methodology and KPI management tools.