Siemens Real Estate is responsible for all of Siemens’ real estate activities, managing the company’s portfolio of over 30 locations, optimising the utilisation of space and overseeing the operation of its real estate holdings, including all related services, such as food and beverage provision at agreed sites.

The initial brief was to deliver the tender for the catered service, as the current Food and Beverage Service Provider were in their last year of contract and the business was keen to engage with an industry expert to identify a ‘best fit’ long-term partner.

Our approach included a detailed situation analysis, visiting 14 UK catered sites, reviewing the service provision and food offer and engaging with key stakeholders at each location. The team met with each individual client, attended catering workstream review meetings, engaged with consumer groups and developed a relationship with the on-site Managing Agent, to understand the business culture and the challenges in delivering the contract.

This has driven new life into the food and beverage experience at the Siemens Estate.