Smith Travel Research CHIA Training Session

Smith Travel Research (STR) are the global leaders in delivering hotel benchmarking data to the hospitality industry. They have done this for over 30 years and continue to drive further developments in this field. All of the STR benchmarking performance solutions enable hotels and associated professions to track trends and performance and then analyse this, all with the goal of driving enhanced decision making.

The STR SHARE Center works closely with academia to provide students and educators with access to their data. As part of this remit, STR also delivers the Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics (CHIA). This certification is very well established and held in very high regard across industry and academia.

We have worked with STR for many years to include the STAR benchmark report with HOTS, our hotel simulation program. This has been very well received and is much loved by all our clients and partners. We have always strived to develop our simulation programs to be as close to reality as possible and the inclusion of STR reports has been a big step forward in this area.

The CHIA program is delivered with both academia and industry worldwide. We have recently partnered with STR to co-deliver their CHIA session to also include a simulation exercise. The early sessions delivered so far have been exceptionally well received, with more to follow. The format for the sessions so far has seen the participants complete the CHIA training on the first day, followed by a simulation exercise on the second day. They then finish with the CHIA certification exam. The full two-day program delivers a wealth of learning.