Twickenham Stadium

Russell Partnership Collection were commissioned to review the existing sales and marketing strategy for the conference, banqueting and event space, benchmark performance against the marketplace and provide recommendations for the direction and targeting of customer groups, the multi-channel approach and the structure of resources required at the Stadium. The specific challenge at Twickenham was the complexity of the competitive landscape and understanding how recent trends demonstrate that consumer expectations are changing. Hence the importance of Russell Partnership Collection’s understanding of relevant market trends.

Russell Partnership Collection also created a conception of an innovative commercial partnership structure for the joint venture between the RFU and Compass group and supported the contract negotiations, including the development of a tailored key performance indicator strategy that has now been written into the new contract and forms the basis of a meaningful process of measuring success through partnership. The joint venture has now been extended and both members are very positive about the growth opportunity.

The relationship continued as we structured and facilitated the strategy development for Twickenham Experience Ltd (TEL). This involved a series of workshops with representatives from Compass, TEL and Keith Prowse to gain opinion, experience and insight into where each person saw TEL’s strategy develop in the future. The outcome was a succinct plan demonstrating the activities required to achieve the end strategic objective over five years.