Michael Sebti

Senior Design Consultant

Michael is a specialist creative consultant with a wealth of experience in F&B, retail, and hospitality.

He is a highly creative, client facing designer, leading his teams on often complex operational and creative briefs. Working to find synergy between the food concept / the food service model and the design experience. Over the past twenty-five years, he has been finding the balance between the spatial concept, operations and the front of house customer experience.

Where Michael excels is in the understanding of what the end user really needs from a powerful environmental experience. By calculating the right customer journey for each user group, Michael can deliver environmental experiences that meet their needs whilst weaving in superior operational solutions.

Prior to his employment with the Russell Partnership Collection, Michael completed a number of large food hall projects around the world in Korea, Sao Paulo and the UK.  Recently collaborating with distinguished Korean Creative Director Kuho Jung on a 70,000 sq. ft flagship Foodhall for Lotte in Seoul.  Prior to this, he won a 2018 FAB Award for Best Food Retail Environment with the 90,00 Sq. ft Lotte Jamsil store, also in Seoul, Korea.

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