Michelle Harbour

Office Of The Chairman

Michelle holds an intrinsic role in delivering strategic business support to the Chairman across the RPC portfolio of businesses and major projects.

Holding high level, contemporary client liaison and coordination skills, garnered from her 30+ years of experience, Michelle leads the portfolio’s coordination and professional team, facilitates our client facing activities, new client engagement and long-term relationship management.

Michelle has pioneered a contemporary style of client engagement, respected and acknowledged by clients testimonials and delivers “the glue” for the collection’s engagement processes both internally and externally.

Facilitating the Collections’ ability to deliver our mission of ‘making a positive difference’ is at the heart of Michelle’s success and respect within the team.

Professor David Russell

Founder And Chairman

James Johnson

Head of Design and Operations

Charlotte Harbour

Head of Nutrition

Darren Moore

Head of Food Futures

Robert-John van Exter

Food & Beverage Consultant

Memory Mambo

Design Technician

Michael Sebti

Design Lead

Jessica Kanerva

Registered Nutritional Therapist and Nutritionist (BSc mBANT rCNHC)

David Titman

Nutritionist, RNutr